So he thought about horses and they were always the right thing to think about.

Bit Stands

So, I bought some MAPP gas the other day and decided to make a stand to display one of my bits in the house. Well, as it turns out, I had so much fun making one, that I made another. I ride in my bits so there wasn’t really a need to make two stands, but I couldn’t help it. I used some old barn wood for the base. One stand is completely vertical using finish nails as the bit cradle, and the other stand is set at a slight angle, and I used number 8 draft horse nails as the cradle for it.  I added a little hanger on the stem of each one for the rein chains to drape over.

IMG_2971 IMG_2972

Note, here’s a little tip: Notice the the few grains of salt on the top of the spoon. There is quite a bit more on the underside as well. After you are done riding, wash any debris or saliva from your bit, and while it is still wet add a little salt to it. The salt will dry and crystalize. The salt makes the bit tastier, and can help horses be more accepting, and help them to begin enjoying the bit sooner.IMG_2978


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